Although I am able to provide face to face Covid-secure lessons, I have decided to open up the opportunity for online lessons to existing and new students.

What you’ll need

  • A saxophone
  • A laptop or tablet with a working web cam, microphone and speakers
  • Set up your device in a stable position and in a way that I’ll be able to see your upper body’s position and your fingers on the keys
  • A good internet connection, with an upload speed of at least 2MB. Test your connection here

Alternatively, you will need a computer with a separate webcam/microphone and speakers/headphones.

How it will work

We’ll be video calling each other via an online platform called Zoom. You can either install their software, app or use it via your browser.

I’ll send you any required sheets and music samples before our lessons starts.

Please make sure to set up your equipment before our lesson starts, including testing Zoom at least a day before, to make sure it works for you.

Make sure that you’re in a quiet room where you won’t be interrupted and your playing won’t be a nuissance to other people.

At the end of each lesson I’ll be giving you “homework” which you’ll need to complete before our next lesson.

How much does it cost and payment methods

Lessons cost £40. Student discount is available.

My existing students can continue to pay as per usual, new students will be required to pay via BACS or PayPal on the same day, before the start of the lesson.

If your internet connection is unstable

If we find throughout the lesson that your internet connection is not able to sustain our video call, we will stop the video call and we will work via a different method. We can discuss this a little better if we find the need for it.

How to book

If you’d like to book an online lesson with me, please see my contacts page.

Please be aware that lessons cancelled less than 24 hours before they start will be charged a full fee as per usual.